Student Spotlight: Elliot Mast

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Elliot Mast, PALCS senior of Blair County, is a student of many talents. First enrolling at PALCS in 2012 as a 7th grader, Elliot is now 18 and in the process of fulfilling his lifelong dream of playing Major League Baseball (MLB). Elliot is, as he puts it, a “baseball player, playing for a purpose.”

PALCS Staff Longevity

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PA Leadership is proud to report that 40% of PALCS Faculty and Leadership have been a part of the community for 5 or more years.

Spring Break

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Spring break is here! PALCS spring break takes place from Monday, April 10th - Monday, April 17th. Whether you are traveling, catching up on your favorite TV show or making sure get as much sleep as you can, remember the 3 important R’s: relax, rejuvenate and reflect on the school year thus far.

Family Spotlight: The Ellison Family

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Here at PALCS, students enroll from all around the state for many different reasons. Getting the chance to speak to students and their families to learn their stories is one of the great joys of being a state-wide cyber charter school. We recently had the chance to speak to parent Colleen Ellison, who has two students enrolled here at PALCS. The Ellison family lives in Allegheny County and frequently visitsthe PALCS Western Regional Office located in Pittsburgh, PA.

The 2017-2018 Course Catalog is Here!

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Download your very own PALCS Course Catalog today to see why the 2017-2018 school year is shaping up to be our best year yet!

CPFA Spring Musical

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The students of the PALCS Center for Performing and Fine Arts (CPFA) are proudly presenting sold-out performances of this year’s spring musical, the Student Edition of Sweeney Todd.

Family Spotlight: The Byler Family

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The Byler family has eight children, all of whom have attended PALCS at some point during their schooling. Five Bylers are PALCS graduates and an additional student remains with us as a senior this year. We recently had the chance to speak to the Byler family about their students, what they are doing now, and how school choice and cyber school impacted their family.

PALCS Community Works to Bring Back the Bees

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PALCS encourages the community to plant wildflower seeds to help bring back the bees!

CPFA Jazz Ensemble Wins Again

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We are pleased to announce the ongoing success of our CPFA High School Jazz Ensemble, whose consistent talent led them to receive a rating of “Outstanding” this past weekend at another Cavalcade of Bands Jazz Festival.

Important Enrollment Availability & Closure Dates

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2016-2017 enrollment for this year is starting to close and the 2017-2018 application for next year has arrived!

2016-2017 (current school year, ending June 2017)

If you are in need of a change for the current school year then it is not too late, but time is running out, so act NOW! PALCS is still open for enrollment for the current 2016-2017 school year for grades K-11, but not for long!

Grades K-8 are scheduled to close on March 29, 2017 and grades 9-11 will be closing May 1, 2017. This means that in order to be eligible to enroll for the current school year, all paperwork, documents, and an on-site orientation must be completed before the above dates. Looking for a change? PALCS may have what you’re looking for.

The application and registration information is available on the Enroll page. Enrollment closings for the remaining grades are quickly approaching, so do not miss out on joining the PALCS community!

2017-2018 (next school year, beginning Fall 2017)

We are excited to announce that the 2017-2018 PALCS application has been released! Anyone who is interested in enrolling a student for the 2017-2018 school year can now apply online on our Enrollment page.

PALCS offers students in grades K-12 an individualized, flexible, and challenging education within a safe environment. With over 160 highly qualified, state certified teachers, a custom teacher created curriculum, and a fully equipped guidance department, students are given the support and tools they need to succeed not only academically but in life.

Contact us today with any questions or to find out why PALCS could be right for your student. Explore our site for FAQs and demos, set up an […]

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