Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (PALCS)

  • Tuition-free cyber school for all K-12 students in Pennsylvania.
  • Courses created and taught by certified, easy to reach teachers.
  • Flexible, personal and successful. PALCS makes it possible!
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As a tuition-free public cyber school in PA, PALCS is open to all Pennsylvania students and embraces each student’s own individuality and potential.


By promoting parents’ right to school choice, PALCS forms a partnership with parents and provides them with resources to get involved.


PALCS has certified, skilled teachers who are online every school day creating dynamic curriculum and working directly with students.

The School

PALCS has shown consistent academic growth while providing unique blended programs, leadership training and certification, and hosting its own highly-rated Help Desk.

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Our Families

As a student at PALCS, Evangeline has had the opportunity to dedicate much of her time to her passion, acting. There is hardly a time when she is not either in a play, rehearsing for a play, or auditioning for another play, sometimes concurrently.
The Young Family,
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She is on the phone with her teachers four, sometimes five, times a day. The accessibility is greater than in public school. They love being able to talk to their teachers. They send them notes outside of class. They feel like they are more than just teachers.
The Balmer Family,
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The University Scholars Program has reinvigorated Grace’s love for learning. Instead of a focus on quantity, Scholars truly emphasizes meaningful learning.
The Kier Family,
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In many ways I feel more connected with Wilder’s teachers now than when he was enrolled in traditional school. It’s interesting how for being in cyber school, you feel connected. I wouldn’t expect that. I think it is really great.
The Troxell Family,
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PA Leadership’s students receive a better education, more elaborate and challenging. You get to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses younger so when they reach high school, you’re not trying to figure out what is happening with your child. You know all of it now.
The Holley Family,
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In a traditional public school, once you’re done with a class, to get back to that teacher is really hard. But at PALCS, every time Scarlett needed extra help, her math teacher would be right there. She would sit there with her and explain everything until she got it.
The Rivera Family,
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If you have other commitments or you want to do something outside of school.  PALCS gives you the flexibility to be able to focus on your academics but also explore other areas of the arts, engineering, or anything you want to do.
The Chen Family,
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